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The Mexican Museum/Residential Tower Project Looking for Its Final OK

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Proposed project for the residential tower and Mexican Museum at 706 Mission [Photo: SF Planning]

We've been following the Mexican Museum project with its associated residential tower for the past few years, and tomorrow it's up for its final environmental certification. The road has been a bumpy one, with neighbors from the Ritz Carlton condos complaining that the project will bring too many people and too much traffic. The proposed project includes the construction of a new 550-foot-tall, 47-story tower to be adjacent and connected to the existing 10-story Aronson Building, which would be restored and rehabilitated. The project would include up to 215 residential units, space for The Mexican Museum, possible office use, and ground-floor retail/restaurant use, as well as conveyance of the existing Jessie Square Garage with 442 parking spaces. The Planing Commission won't take anymore public comment, but if the FEIR is certified, the project will be clear to get the rest of its approvals.
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Mexican Museum

706 Mission Street, San Francisco, CA