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Neighbor Rumble in the Outer Sunset

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It's Discretionary Review party time again at the Planning Commission tomorrow, this time over a property in the way Outer Sunset. 1235 40th Avenue is a little house set back at the rear of the property, and the owners want to demo the detached garage at the front of the lot and construct a new three-story building in its place, simultaneously renovating the existing rear house. It calls for an interesting housing set up, with three bedrooms and three baths over a garage in the front building for the owner and his family, and removing the second floor from the old rear building so it contains only the kitchen and a living space for the owner's parents to live. The whole lot would remain single-family. And the immediate neighbors are not happy. Most of the other buildings on the block are 1930s-40s era two-story single-family houses, with taller three-story ones towards the intersections. A couple of surrounding neighbors have taken issue with the light and air access, and are frankly suspicious the property will be used as illegal secondary housing units. They also feel like the rear building should just be demo'd if a new one is getting constructed to add mid-block open space to the rear yard (it's the only property on the block with a house at the rear). The project sponsor responded by decreasing the height and adding a setback, but doesn't want to deal with the city's "daunting" demolition procedures and fees. The Planning Department is recommending approval without DR, but this one is kind of strange, so who knows what will happen.
· Discretionary Review – 1235 40th Ave (pdf) [SF Planning]