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SF to Become Major Cruise Port?

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[Rendering via Port of SF]
Though cruise lines pass through, dock, and arrive in San Francisco, our fine city is not a major port of call. But that could change if the plan for the James R. Herman Cruise Terminal is fully realized. For now, the newly completed 60,000 square-foot space is under full control of America's Cup- this event is credited with raising the $90 million dollars needed for the terminal. But what of its life post A-Cup? The San Jose Mercury News reports that the Terminal is big enough to accommodate "behemoth" cruise ships, up to 1,200 feet long, carrying up to 6,000 passengers. Plus, the new design is classy, something up-scale cruise goers expect: an expansive, immaculate facility with huge windows overlooking the bay and city skyline. The full extent of this potential cruise port won't be complete until early 2014, at which point the Port of San Francisco hopes to make SF a player in the cruise industry for the "next 50 years" by encouraging departures from the city, "a boon for Bay Area travelers" and all those businesses that serve them.
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