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Bay Bridge Bash: Footloose and Car-Free

[The west span of the Bay Bridge. Photo via Bhautik Joshi]
Celebrating the very protracted process of rehabbing the Bay Bridge, The Metropolitan Transportation Commission has announced a grand gala opening. But no care allowed, at least for this event. Beginning at 8PM on Aug. 28, Bay Area residents should expect a final 4-day bridge closure as the finishing touches are applied; one and ½ days of this period will be dedicated to "a bash featuring a public bridge walk, 10-kilometer and half-marathon runs, a bike ride and fireworks launched from both San Francisco and Oakland," reports SF Gate. Since we'll have to wait until 9/1 for our chance to cross the new span on foot (motorized vehicles may cross starting 9/3), why not revisit these awesome pics of the construction, shot by Bhautik Joshi in April of last year?
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San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge

Interstate 80, San Francisco, CA 94607