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What Happened to the 50 First Street Project?

From the Curbed inbox:

I'm curious whether you have (or can find) any information on the status of 50 First Street. It's a collection of buildings and a fenced-off parking lot at the corner of 1st/Mission that was slated for development years ago (I believe an EIR was filed in September 2010), but as far as I can tell there hasn't been any movement on the project. The development proposal was a biggie - converting three undeveloped lots and four buildings into three SOM-designed towers with a mix of 1.25 million sq.ft of office, 182 dwelling units, 43,000 sq.ft. of retail, and 266 hotel rooms, along with a 15,000 sq.ft. entertainment performance theater, five levels of 310 below grade parking spaces, off?street loading spaces, and publicly accessible open space. Our reader was correct, an EIR was started back in September of 2010...and is currently "on hold" per the Planning Department. The Transit Center District Plan, which was approved back in May 2012, changed some of the height limits for the project block, and there was a bruhaha over shadow impacts from all the new towers that was cleared in October. It's likely the project sponsors were waiting for the District Plan to get all hammered out before embarking on the inevitably costly environmental review process. Readers, have you heard any rumblings on 50 First Street?
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