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Some Extremely Swanky Properties Just Landed on the Market

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Every day we comb through the latest listings to find you the coolest and sometimes most expensive properties that have just hit the market. Today there's an abundance of lavish properties that are asking $4.5M and up, so we thought it best to do one big mega post with billions of photos and all the info you need to make an offer (or just gawk). Let's get this party started!

Address: Unit #1 at 2006 Washington, Pacific Heights
Asking price: $5,299,000
Size: 2-bed, 2.5-bath co-op
The skinny: Described as "an elegant pied-à-terre," we think this big and fancy apartment would be just fine as a primary residence for most folk. Property highlights include wallpaper galore (check out that home office!), 12 ft. ceilings throughout, and getting to say you have a co-op apartment in Pacific Heights that has three terraces. It last sold in 2009 for $4,900,000. Monthly HOA dues are $2,162.

Address: Unit 48B at the Millennium, Yerba Buena
Asking price: $4,500,000
Size: 2-bed, 2.5-bath, 1,664 sq. ft. condo
Price per square foot: $2,704
The skinny: This condo is basically a complete transformative of a NE corner Millennium Grand Residence. For starters, it has a fireplace--something that didn't come with the unit. Additionally, all of the finishes and fixtures have been dramatically upgraded and include the latest technology available so that you can do things like control the lighting or window treatments with an app on your iPhone or iPad. The unit was last sold in 2010 for $2.4M, so it's no surprise with all these upgrades that it'd be asking $4.5M. Monthly HOA dues are $1,346.

Address: #1606 at The Comstock, Nob Hill
Asking price: $4,625,000
Size: 2-bed, 2-bath, 2,300 sq. ft. co-op
Price per square foot: $2,011
The skinny: We've always loved this Nob Hill Mid-Century modern residential building, so we're especially thrilled that the interiors of this apartment also pay homage to its Mid-Century modern roots by outfitting the place with fancy furnishings like a Le Corbusier LC4 chaise lounge. That said, we're also really liking whatever that hanging swing-like seat thing is. We hope this place comes furnished. Highlights include a 280 degree view of San Francisco and its most significant landmarks, and a 24/7 doorman and valet service. Monthly HOA dues are $1,606. The unit last sold in 2008 for $4,625,000, so we expect an increase in the sold price.

Address: 2975 Lake Street, Sea Cliff
Asking price: $7,998,000
Size: 6-bed, 6.5-bath single-family home
The skinny: The most expensive listing to come onto the market today is this Sea Cliff abode at $7.998M. It's been "meticulously renovated" and "continues the Sea Cliff tradition of presenting the City's most elegant & sophisticated homes," so no pressure or anything. It last sold in 2011 for $3,060,000.

Millennium Tower

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