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Supes Set to Make it Rain on the Moscone Center Expansion

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Money time for Moscone [Photo: previously on Curbed SF/Shutterstock]

The Supes will be voting today on a new business improvement district to be known as the "Moscone Expansion District." The new district would tax hotels that generate tourist revenue to help fund the proposed expansion of the Moscone Center. Proposed and supported and generally loved by everyone, the new $500M expansion would would add more than 200,000 square feet of underground and aboveground convention and meeting space - not to mention create 3,420 new jobs, generate $700 million in revenue for the first seven years, and increase hotel occupancy to an average of 87.6%. San Francisco Travel has estimated that the city is losing $2B in meeting and convention business due to space constraints at the current Moscone Center. The new tax district would have a duration of 32 years, and would affect all tourist hotels, breaking them down into a primary zone (east of Van Ness/South Van Ness and north of 16th Street) and basically everything else.
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