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Why is This Block of Geary a Boarded-up Mess?

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Geary Street between Polk and Van Ness [Photo: Google Maps]

From the Curbed inbox:

The entire north side of Geary between Polk and Van Ness is boarded up and shut down. This is the block that Kokos was on before they abandoned ship. What the heck is going on!? Looks like no one wants to move into these spaces, and frankly we don't blame em: this whole side of the block is set to become part of the new CPMC campus.

Proposed Van Ness & Geary Medical Office Building [Photo: SF Planning]

The locked-in-eternal-continuance California Pacific Medical Center long range development plan calls for demo of all but one building on the half block bound by Geary, Polk, Van Ness, and Cedar Street (the historic 1913 Pierce Arrow Building at 1001 Polk is escaping demo). All the other seven buildings had demolition permits filed in April 2012, but, no surprise, they have been held up since CPMC is stuck in an environmental review-Board of Supervisors sandwich. The site is slated to hold the Van Ness & Geary Medical Office Building (MOB). Across the street from the proposed main Van Ness hospital, the MOB will be nine stories, 130 feet tall with an underground parking garage, and internally connected to the hospital through an underground tunnel below Van Ness Avenue. This is all still in conceptual design though, since the CPMC negotiations don't seem to be going anywhere fast.
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