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Plans Announced to Blow Up Candlestick Park Next Year to Make Room for Shopping Center

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[Proposed shopping development rendering via Lennar Urban]
When the 49ers ditch Candlestick Park for the team's new stadium in Santa Clara next year, Lennar Urban will blow up the 69,000-seat stadium with a 30-second implosion, SFGate reports. San Francisco's Rec and Park Department is a wee bit thrilled, as the department thought it'd be stuck with the bill for the upkeep of the 53-year-old stadium until Lennar Corp. decided what to do with the land. "Everything has a life, and Candlestick has exceeded it," said Phil Ginsburg, head of Rec and Park. Lennar Urban, which has big plans for developing the former Hunters Point Shipyard and the stadium site with retail, residential, and office complexes is looking forward to this latest development. "The best thing for our development and the neighborhood is not to have that hulking building sitting there empty," said the president of Lennar Urban. The proposed shopping district is estimated to be 800,000 square feet.
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Candlestick Park

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