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The Mission District: Everybody Wants In

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[Photo via CurbedSF Flickr Pool/Wally G]
The Mission has already made news for asserting itself as the latest hot 'nabe. It's a bit of a Cinderella story: What was once a lowly stepchild, cowering in the shadow of real estate giants Noe and Castro, has emerged...and suitors are lining up. Earlier this year Redfin predicted the Mission would be among Bay Area locations to witness the steepest home price increases in 2013. And The Wall Street Journal confirms: "A 5,542-square-foot home in San Francisco's Mission District has sold for $9,999,000?..a record for the increasingly trendy neighborhood," based on 30 years of MLS records. Filling the Mission's dance card? Techies. With "easy access to the freeway connecting the city and Silicon Valley," plus SF's local tech corporations setting up shop nearby and the full gamut of new shops and eateries (who could forget "gourmet gulch?"), the Mission is officially the hottest neighborhood for residential real estate.
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