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What's Going On at the Hormel Mansion?

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Hormel mansion at 181 Buena Vista East [Photo: Zillow]
From the Curbed inbox:

What's going on with the Hormel mansion at Duboce and Buena Vista East? It's fenced off, porta-potties in front, looks like a major project going on.Located at 181 Buena Vista East, the Hormel mansion is named after James C. Hormel, heir to the canned meat company, former United States Ambassador to Luxembourg, and LGBT activist. He lived at the top of Buena Vista Park for years in a large pre-1906 Earthquake Victorian. The house was sold in April 2012 for a cool $7.2M. We looked into building permits, and there's some massive interior renovations taking place. They're totally reconfiguring the partitions on the ground floor to include a wine cellar, remodeling the kitchen, reconfiguring the bedrooms, and a full seismic upgrade. It'll require a rear yard addition, and they'll add on a porch extension over the garage. So, yeah, a total gut and remodel.
· 181 Buena Vista Ave E, San Francisco, CA [Zillow]