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Not on MLS (Yet): Dolores Modern with Possibilities Aplenty

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790 Sanchez Street isn't on the MLS yet. We only know about it via generous tip from a CurbedSF reader, though you may find it on (where sellers of homes find buyers without the traditional MLS process) if you're willing to enter enough search parameters. You can see its previous sale information at Redfin, or just look at it here: Currently, the 4,000 square foot building is divided into three legal condos to be delivered vacant upon delivery-- the latter detail worth an additional million at a minimum. The buyer also has the option to convert the space into a single-family home. Per the brokerbabble: "Architectural plans propose an extraordinary opportunity to reconfigure the space to accommodate 5 bedrooms and 6 baths" in a neighborhood such size and space is a rare commodity. Make your bid on the whole enchilada for asking price of $3,250,000 or go for one of the condos. If you do it before the property hits the MLS, you could avoid the heavy competition increasingly common in the SF market this year.
· 790 Sanchez St. [property information from last sale/Redfin]