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Go Splitsies on the Cable with these Roommate-Friendly Rentals

It's quite clear that the San Francisco rental market is hot, hot, hot right now, so here at Curbed we're going to bring you a bevy of rental properties each week for your perusal. This week, we thought of the droves of recent grads soon to be descending upon our fair city and found some 3-bedroom apartments ready for sharing.

The Sunset: In true room-sharing form, we bring you this 2-bedroom plus sun room in the Sunset. So yes, someone might not get a bedroom, but this is the most affordable option for everyone getting their own door at $2,700. We love that it has 1.4 bathrooms -- the .4 is for a lonely toilet in a room by itself, which usually fulfills a single purpose in a home with multiple fiber-eating adults. What's nice is that even though you'll be giving the sun room up, you'll still get a full living room (with fireplace) and dining room, so it shouldn't feel like a big sacrifice of space in return for another person to pay the rent. The patio area looks a little sad, but that's made up for by lots of options in a great neighborhood. We love this location for great transportation and food options, as well as having Golden Gate Park just out the door. [craigslist]

Buena Vista: This 3-bedroom apartment for $3,850 is up near Buena Vista Park, nestled in-between Lower and Upper Haight. It's been recently remodeled: nice hardwood floors, new paint, and new appliances. The building is swanky, and there's storage and parking available, as well as a new laundry room. The location is awesome, with fun stuff on Divis and all along Haight, as well as easy access to Buena Vista Park which has great views. [craigslist]

The Mission: No post about apartments great for roommates would be complete without a listing in the Mission. This building has several 3-bedroom, 2-bath units, ranging from $4,000-4,500, with the lowest priced unit on the ground floor. It's on 18th at Capp on the Eastern side of the Mission, so close to transportation options and great food options like Gracias Madre and Yamo. Also, Duc Loi would be your local supermarket, which means you'll be cooking up tasty grub in the nicely remodeled kitchen in no time. The building itself has a common area, bike racks, and laundry, but no parking. [craigslist]
· 1484 18th Ave [craigslist]
· Waller at Alpine [craigslist]
· 18th at Capp [craigslist]