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Now's Your Chance to Live Directly Across the Street from Dolores Park

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Wealthy hipsters take note: 629 Dolores Street just hit the market asking $1,349,000. Let's get the one potential problem out of the way. This unit's a tenancy in common. The buying process for tenancies in common is different from a normal condo or townhouse sale, so make sure you and your agent are very familiar with the buying process and strings attached before you fall in love with this place. With that out of the way we can now gush about how gorgeous this 3-bed, 2-bath abode is. It's a middle unit in a 6-unit building. It's also located in the front of the building, so there are views of Dolores Park from nearly every room. The unit has everything you want in an apartment: hardwood flooring, tall ceilings, views, a working fireplace, snazzy kitchen, master bathroom bigger than the studio you currently reside in, etc. We should also mention that this particular unit has exclusive rights to the large roof deck, which also overlooks the park. Monthly HOA dues are $379 and there's 2-car parking in the garage.
· 629 Dolores [Redfin]

Dolores Park

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