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The Town School for Boys Will Temporarily Takes Over Old Exploratorium Space

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[Photo via Chris Saulit]
Concerns have been raised about what should go into the empty space at the Palace of Fine Arts since the Exploratorium has left the building for its new waterfront digs at Pier 15 (opening soonish). The space is for rent "as is" and future tenants will have to replace $65M pilings and trusses, as well as replace the roof, drains, sprinkler system and emergency generator. A Palace of Fine Arts Advisory Committee was formed to provide Rec & Park with recommendations for future use, and they were thinking of something like a museum, exhibition space, or venue for trade and craft shows. In the meantime, Rec & Park sought an interim tenant and was hoping to score an international art or educational use tenant (worrying some Marina neighbors that it might be the Academy of Art). Worry not, Marina residents. The Town School for Boys will be taking over as a placeholder tenant since its Pacific Heights campus will be renovated next year. "Without interim tenants, the palace would be subject to blight and vandalism," said a Rec and Park property manager.

The Town School for Boys will rent the space for $42,000 a month from August to July in 2014. If the school doesn't vacate by the end of the lease, it'll be fined $10,000 per day. In the meantime, a "competitive bidding process for a long-term tenant will launch this spring," and more than a dozen organizations are already flirting with the idea of calling the Palace of Fine Arts home.
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