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164 Townsend Gets the Hint, Drops Its Price

Worth a look when we first noticed its capacious qualities back in October of 2012, 164 Townsend, unit 7/8 is back on the radar again-- this time thanks to a price drop. Now $200K cheaper, the unit is a 3 bed, 3 bath, 4,000 square foot loft/warehouse/penthouse affair. We think it looks like the best place ever to host a party, maybe an Oscar's party this Sunday since the sellers have to be motivated to close quickly by now: this home's been on the market for over 125 days! We wonder why, readers. All the bells and whistles, a currently popular location, buyers crazy for condos, and a roof deck, yet this latest tour on the MLS isn't its first struggle to sell. Why can't this condo sell?
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