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Subway for Parkmerced?

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[Parkmerced SFCTA plans via Muni Diaries]
Any San Franciscan who has ridden the M-Ocean knows of its ponderous, sea snail like performance. With our booming economy, the city's population is only expected to increase—and with it more students for San Francisco State University, the bodies of whom take up most of the seats on the M on any given weekday. Add to that, SFStreetBlog reminds us, Parkmerced's population is "expected to triple," thanks to Supervisorial approval of expansion there. So what to do for the M-line? San Francisco County Transportation Authorities are considering "putting Muni's M-Ocean View on a trackway running above or below the highway to separate it from traffic crossings and route the line into Parkmerced," thereby bringing an M-stop closer to campus. The underground possibility is the more ambitious undertaking, and particularly thrilling to fans of underground transportation in general.
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