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Revised Dolores Park Renovation Plan Hits the Boards

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Original 2012 Dolores Park renovation plan [Photo: Dolores Park Works]

The long long long-time coming Dolores Park renovations have just gotten their umpteenth revision. After a thousand community meetings that covered everything from dog run areas to toilet design, the plan went back to the Planning Department last year for some tweaks. Community members were afraid tweaks would turn into major changes, but in the end there were only four mentionable differences.

Per Mission Mission:

· North Restroom closer to the playground
· Steps down to the abandoned 19th Street J Church stop preserved
· No living roof on the South Restroom
· 18th Street entrance to the maintenance yard is now closer to Church Street

Since community members are happy that the plan hasn't changed too much, the architects and landscape architects can get around to actually designing the damn thing. Things should (in theory) move along smoothly with construction slated to begin this fall.

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