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Pagoda Theater/Central Subway Boring Machine is Back

The Palace at Washington Square proposal [Photo: nc2studio]

Last week we told you about the new plan to remove the Central Subway boring machine at the old Pagoda Theater site. The original project for that spot included renovating the existing building, but the new proposal includes demo - leaving the window to remove the boring machine instead of just leaving it underground. It was supposed to be heard at last week's meeting, but got continued because the MTA was still in negotiations with the property owner. Commissioners were happy to continue, since some of them were none too thrilled about how quickly all this was happening, especially considering the hullabaloo they've dealt with concerning the project in the past. The legislative aide on the project said all should be figured out by this week since MTA is on a tight timeline, and the issues raised by perma-hater group Save Muni were, in his words, "a red herring."
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