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For Buyers, Hard Lessons in San Francisco Real Estate Math

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[data via US Census/Dept. of Numbers]

Supply and demand keeps SF prices high, particularly when supply is historically low and demand reacts with inverse, but equal force. The good folks at Redfin have refined this situation into some striking data. Seems only 1.52% of all properties in the city are for sale in SF, and the number is only declining. SF also enjoys one of the lowest percentages of bank-owner properties in the country. And since bank owned properties are generally cheaper (though not easier) to buy than their market rate peers, this means fewer "bargain" price sales for San Francisco buyers. All in all, 2013 looks like a seller's market. Now, if we only get a few more sellers?
· US Census Data [official site]
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· Winter Inventory Experiences Shrinkage [CurbedSF]