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2192 Funston Ave: From Dirt to 5-Level Luxe in 8 Months

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Tooling around Golden Gate Heights, you may have noted an empty lot for sale less than a year ago and thought to yourself, "That might be a good investment." Well, it was. According to The FrontSteps, that square of earth "sold in May of 2012 for $489,000 as a 'Great opportunity for a developer.'" Just eight months later, 2192 Funston Ave. is for sale, a resplendent 4-bed, 3.5-bath, 5-level luxury home, decks aplenty for taking in the westerly ocean view, and an elevator to navigate it all should buyers grow weary ascending the delicate glass stairwell. Martinis in the brokerbabble dubbed (but appropriately named) Hawk's Nest? Yes, please. We'll just need $1,680,000.
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