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Modern Communal Living Could be Headed for Western SoMa

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Plans are in the works for a 6-story group home at 1532 Harrison Street in Western SoMa. Three separate buildings connected by sky bridges will house up to 235 "suites" ranging from 227 to 409 square feet. The rooms, intended for single- or double-occupancy, would be equipped with bathrooms and kitchenettes. Each building would feature 9 common kitchens, dining and living rooms for residents of the adjacent rooms to access.

Co-developers Build Inc. and EmbassySF feel there is "a tremendous market out there for co-living," and envision the building filled with "people of all ages who are interested in creating community." They also claim they will not specifically target students or the young tech set, but anyone who wants to live in spaces "that are communal in nature and professionally managed." Macy Architecture is currently working on the design which will rise 65 feet and feature ground floor retail.
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