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North Beach Residents Resisting Columbus Street Improvements

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The SFMTA is currently working with North Beach community groups to hash out details for the proposed redesign of Columbus Avenue. The transit agency is planning to make streetscape changes that include corner bulb-outs, widened sidewalks, reduced traffic lanes, and a pedestrian-only "poet's plaza" on one block of Vallejo. This being North Beach, however, a project is never without controversy.

Daniel Macchiarini, president of the North Beach Business Association, is fighting the SFMTA on the changes. He believes there is "an agenda in this city against the private car" and that businesses will suffer due to less parking and increased traffic congestion. According to a recent study by the SF County Transportation Authority a whopping 86 percent of people arrive to Columbus Avenue without a car. Furthermore they claim the reduction of traffic from four lanes to two will not inhibit the current amount of traffic. Future lawsuits notwithstanding, the SFMTA is hoping to begin implementing the changes next summer when Columbus Avenue begins a large repaving process.
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