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Developers Meet to Discuss Growing San Francisco Development Backlash

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With the recent defeat of 8 Washington and growing opposition for projects like 75 Howard, 706 Mission and the Warriors planned arena, a group of high-powered developers will be meeting in a closed-door session to discuss options. The meeting, scheduled for today, will be attended by executives from the city's largest developers, including Tishman Speyer, Shorenstein Properties, and Lennar Build Inc. among many others. Representatives from the San Francisco Giants, and their proposed Mission Rock development are also expected to join.
The developers attending the meeting are expected to discuss strategies for how to best deal with the growing wave of resistance that one developer describes as "not just anti-development, it's anti-tech. It's anti-job growth. It's anti-shuttle bus. It's anti-chain stores. It's anti-gentrification. It's anti-anti." They argue that new developments are the best way to deal with rising home/rent prices and will slow the rate of recent Ellis Act evictions. Opponents to the development surge claim that builders are catering to wealthy tech workers and the like, with luxury developments that leave the middle class and low-income residents on the outside looking in.
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