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Planning Commission to Get an Earfull of Kaiser Permanente's Institutional Master Plan

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Today Kaiser Permanente will present their institutional master plan to the Planning Commission in an informational hearing. Institutions like hospitals and universities are required to submit a master plan every 10 years, and Kaiser's looks to expand their existing locations and add some new ones. The main Geary campus is set to demo an existing vacant building located at 2108 O'Farrell for a a 5-6 story medical office building and outpatient clinic. At the French campus over by USF, the existing 4131 Geary Boulevard Hospital Building will be converted for outpatient use and offices. The biggest change comes from their new Mission Bay campus, currently under construction by Alexandria Real Estate. The 219,000 sq.ft. building at 1600 Owens will be nine stories and house mostly medical office uses (with services including internal medicine, OB/GYN, pediatrics, dermatology, optometry, physical therapy, pharmacy, and radiology), with the rest for Kaiser related retail. The Planning Commission isn't going to vote on anything today, so the hearing is just to provide information and gather feedback.
· Kaiser Permanente Institutional Master Plan (pdf) [SF Planning]