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$550K Gets You a 557-Square-Foot Studio in SoMa

If you're wondering what half-a-million-bucks can buy you in SoMa, the answer is: 557 square feet. Granted, they are 557 very nice square feet, with hardwood, a brand-new designer kitchen, a "spa-like" bathroom, a ninth-floor view with floor-to-ceiling windows, and in-unit laundry. Plus, you get a parking space. Although the listings stretches to call this a one-bedroom, it's really a studio with a bed-nook, as there is no actual separation between the bedroom and the living area, besides the back of the staging couch. The listing price of $550K makes the price per square foot just under $1,000 ($987, to be exact).
· 829 Folsom St #906 [Redfin]