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Which Buildings or Neighborhoods Did You Break Up With?

Taking a cue from our sisters over at Eater, we're going to closeout the year by surveying local design, building, and real estate luminaries to get a read on the highlights and lowlights of the past year of real estate and development in San Francisco. The answers to our questions are in no particular order; all responses cut, pasted and unedited, below:

Q: Which buildings or neighborhoods, if any, did you break up with this year?

Erin Feher, Editor-in-Chief at California Home + Design: I broke up with the Mission early in 2013, but we reconciled when I went on maternity leave in July. Turns out there's no line at Bugaloos on Tuesday mornings and Bar Tartine's Sandwich Shop (only open in the afternoons) is the best thing EVER. Plus that playground at Dolores Park is just too charming. But me and weekend Mission? Still not on speaking terms.

Craig Scott, Founding Partner at IwamotoScott Architecture: Not broken up yet, but have thought about separating: Noe Valley - might as well be called No Valley in terms of allowing anything new there.

Allison Arieff, architecture and design writer: My daughter earned her final swim ribbon at La Petit Baleen early in the year and so I am quite happy to no longer have to search for post-swim lunch spots on overcrowded / uninteresting Chestnut Street in the Marina.

Kearstin Krehbiel, Executive Director at San Francisco Beautiful: We didn't break up, but I did move out of the Excelsior this year. We still see each other from time to time and it's not awkward.

Brock Keeling, Editor-in-Chief at SFist: The Mission. For obvious reasons.

Frank Nolan, Development Sales Director at Vanguard: None- all the neighborhoods grew in a great way.
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