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Year in Eater Roundups; Brunch Heatmap Update; KronnerBurger's One Year In; More!

Welcome to Eater Tastings, where Eater SF editor Allie Pape shares the best restaurant and bar news of the week.

BAY AREA—2013 is wrapping up, which means it's time for the Year in Eater. Our panel of food experts gave us the dirt on their restaurant go-tos and their favorite new restaurants of 2013.

BAY AREA—We also asked the Year in Eater squad to define 2013 dining in one word and to pick the best dining neighborhood of the year.

SAN FRANCISCO—Looking for somewhere new to eat brunch on this holiday weekend? We rounded up 12 new spots offering a leisurely morning meal.

THE MISSION—It's been a year since Chris Kronner opened his KronnerBurger pop-up at Bruno's. We sat down with him to learn about the trials and tribulations of a long-term temporary restaurant.

SAN FRANCISCO—Still don't have New Year's Eve plans? In case you missed it, our NYE guide is here for you, exclusively featuring spots for under $100/person

BERNAL HEIGHTS—Pop-up gone permanent PizzaHacker is now open on select nights in La Lengua, with a full restaurant debuting in January.