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Curbed Cup Elite Eight: (6) Bernal Heights vs. (14) Tendernob

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Photos via Patricia Chang

Bernal Heights, often described as its own town within our big city, is a crowd favorite for many reasons. There are no shiny skyscrapers or chain stores, but there are gorgeous centenarian abodes to purchase, and plenty of newly constructed contemporary manses to gawk at. Shopping at one of Cortland's many locally-owned small businesses is a pleasure, as is star-gazing from Bernal Hill at night.

What used to be a described as "that area that's not the Tenderloin but not Nob HIll" and mostly frequented for its nightlife, the Tendernob has come into its own. It's rich with history, and is the spot for young folks looking to party. It also got a Trader Joe's late last year, which solidifies its role as an actual neighborhood. Another sign of fandom: there are now really expensive condos.

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