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What's Happening at the Old Lumiere Theater on California?

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From the Curbed inbox:

What's going on with the old Lumiere Theatre near California and Van Ness? I live in back and they have been doing a lot of construction, looks like they are putting in skylights. I'm guessing retail? The 47-year-old Lumiere Theater closed its doors in September 2012 after a battle over lease terms between Landmark Theatres and the landlord. It's sat vacant ever since, but just this past September a permit was issued for "selective removal of finishes, carpet, flooring, removal of all seats, concession counter, and selective walls and doors." Presumably that's the work our reader has been seeing. There's no word yet on who's moving in, but the building hasn't sold any time recently, so it's just a new tenant for that one space. Readers, have you heard any rumblings?
· Lumiere Theatre, indie showcase, closing [SF Gate]