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The Smallest Apartment For Rent in SF is 278 Square Feet

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This week's micro-dwelling may not be the smallest one we've ever seen, but it is, sadly, the most expensive. Coming in at a mind-numbing $2,195/month, this 278-square-foot SoMa abode tops the charts in price for a glorified prison cell of an apartment. Sure, its few square feet are pretty, and boast nice amenities, such as hydro-radiant heated floors, in-unit laundry, a brand new kitchen with stainless steel appliances, and a pet policy that accepts both dogs and cats. But the only element of the rental that makes this unit an even remotely acceptable living option is its private patio, which adds at least an extra 25 square feet to the place. Secured parking is available for an extra $200/month. And as part of a pre-leasing special, you get a free storage space for a full year - good thing, because who knows where else you could keep your stuff.
· $2195 / 278ft² - Private Patio, Pet Friendly Studio with Parking Available! (SOMA / south beach)