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Transbay Block 8 is Back and Looking for Development Love

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It's been almost five years since there has been any talk of developing Transbay Block 8, but it looks like the city's Office of Community Investment and Infrastructure has reissued a request for proposals. As you recall, there was an initial RFP back in 2009 that wanted a 550' residential tower and an adjacent 50' residential townhouse development, with a 100% affordable 65-85' building. There were a few ideas floating around, but in the end the Redevelopment Agency decided to shelve the efforts because the flailing real estate market prompted lots of below-market value bids. Now that the market is all strong and healthy again, the RFP is back - but with some tweaks. This time around the site is slated for "a high-density, residential project with approximately 740 units, 27% of which must be affordable (with OCII proposing to subsidize 17%), and ground-floor retail in multiple building types, including a 550-foot tower, townhouses, and podium buildings." Same general program vibe, but the affordable housing requirements have been shifted. The RFP calls out all the Transbay plan area requirements for things like setbacks, building heights, and open space. Deadline for submittals is end of February with development agreement negotiations slated for May, so there's hope for some movement soon.
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