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Nominate Your Neighborhood for the 2013 Curbed Cup!

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Every December, Curbed readers nominate and vote for San Francisco's neighborhood of the year. We call it the Curbed Cup. This year's edition is still being forged by our goldsmith, so please enjoy the artist's depiction of this glorious fake trophy seen at right. We're excited as ever, but before the tournament kicks off and a winner can be declared, we need your help.

Like every year, the Curbed Cup will be a bracket-style, 16-neighborhood format. We'd like your input before seeding is set. Think a certain neighborhood deserves a chance at scoring this highly coveted prize? Tell us why! The best arguments will be used to help sway fellow Curbed Cup voters once the contest kicks off. You can let us know your thoughts in the comments, or email us your nominations. What makes a neighborhood Curbed Cup worthy? It's a neighborhood that saw the most happen. We're talking new restaurants, new development, fun parklets, totally awesome retail, and the ineffable but real sense of where the action was in the past 12 months. Last year the Cup went to the Lower Haight.