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Curbed Cup 1st Round: (2) Lower Haight vs. (15) Presidio

History shows us that the Lower Haight has does extremely well in Curbed Cups of yore. Not only did it fetch the title last year, it also won Neighborhood of the Year in 2011. Will 2013 be another victory? The neighborhood's constantly evolving while still paying homage to its roots. There's an effort to make improve the Wiggle, and residents and fans showed up in August to watch a very famous statue get bulldozed. Homes are also selling for hundreds of thousands dollars over asking.

The Presidio hasn't been this bustling since its Army days. In addition to the competition for a new cultural attraction on the existing Sports Basement site, the insanely popular Inn at the Presidio also expanded to add a cottage to its B&B. The Presidio is making quite a name for itself lately with new eating options, including Dixie, a seasonal Off the Grid location, and Traci des Jardins' new restaurant on the Main Post. Plus Crissy Field and those views of the Golden Gate Bridge seriously can't be beat.
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