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Curbed Cup 1st Round: (4) SoMa vs. (13) NoPa

The tech startup hub of San Francisco, SoMa has aggressively pushed forward with new real estate, restaurants, nightlife, and social clubs this year. From the uber-elite secret back room at The Cavalier to the more casual Archive Bar & Kitchen (not to mention TBD, Oddjob, Cellarmaker, Bergerac, Blueprint Tap Room, Audio Discotech, and Driftwood - all of which have opened in the last six months), SoMa houses more food and booze than most of us could consume in a year. Real estate doesn't come cheap, with studios selling for over half a million dollars.

NoPa, on the other hand, has been described by a few as "the new Mission." It's a nice mix of affluent families and aging hipsters, and you can find top tier eateries right next door to a decent dive bar. It's also home to a newly opened and fancy schmancy Bi-Rite, where you can wait in line to pay more than $5 for a single piece of fruit.
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- Mallory Farrugia contributed to this post