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23 Photos of the Fairmont Hotel's Two-Story Gingerbread House

Please cover your eyes if you're currently attempting you stay away from sweets. The Fairmont Hotel is among an elite few San Francisco institutions known for creating outlandish holiday decorations come December. This year did not disappoint, as the hotel recently unveiled a two-story gingerbread house made up of 3,930 pounds of edible candy, gingerbread, and royal icing. The house, which is made from 7,500 gingerbread bricks glued together with 1,600 pounds of royal icing, took 600 hours for the hotel's culinary team to create. Additionally, there's a gingerbread doghouse made up of 24 pounds of candy, 96 pounds of royal icing, and 90 pounds of gingerbread. Both can be visited during regular hours in the hotel's main lobby.
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