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The Smallest Apartment for Rent in SF Is 240 Square Feet

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This week's micro-dwelling is located in Pacific Heights, and features 240 square feet of Victorian charm, including architectural ceilings and a decorative fireplace. The kitchen is efficiency-style, with no stove or oven (only a hot plate) and a mini-fridge. The bathroom is, thankfully, full-size. The unit also boasts cable-readiness and a new flat-screen TV, which appears to be a whopping 20 inches. Before you gasp at the $1650/month price tag, consider that it comes fully furnished - a deal compared to this 335-square-foot hole in the Western Addition asking $100/month more.
· $1650 / 240ft² - Open House Sunday 12-8, 12:00-1:00pm Furnished Efficiency Studio (pacific heights) [SF Craigslist]