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Terrifying Mirrored Nob Hill Co-Op Unit Asks $1.395M

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Fans of carnival fun-houses rejoice! The 2-bed, 2-bath corner unit at 1333 Jones Street features a master suite furnished with floor-to-ceiling mirrors that create nightmarish loop of ugly. The walls that aren't mirrored are covered in dated wallpaper, and the entire unit is carpeted wall-to-wall in pink and beige. The kitchen cabinets are ripped straight out of a run-down apartment in the Sunset, and the refrigerator appears to be the only thing in the apartment made after Y2K. Needless to say: the unit needs a complete gut job, which makes the nearly $1.4 million asking price feel especially steep. HOA dues clock in at $1,169/month.
· 1333 Jones [Redfin]

The Comstock

1333 Jones Street, San Francisco, CA 94109