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Portsmouth Square Set for Long Overdue Renovation

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[Photo via Sergio Ruiz]
Portsmouth Square is one of the oldest public spaces in San Francisco, and it's definitely seen better days. The park sits right where Chinatown meets the Financial District, yet feels disconnected from its surroundings thanks to the hulking garage entrances that dominate the square's Kearny Street frontage. In response to the issues that plague the much-used public space, the San Francisco Planning Department has launched the Portsmouth Square Area Project. In partnership with the Recreation and Parks Department, major improvements will be made to the square and surrounding streets, all with the goal of enhancing a vital piece of open space in one of the densest neighborhoods in the country. "Detailed examinations" within the project area will take place regarding the freeway-like pedestrian bridge which connects the square to the Hilton and the Chinese Cultural Center across the street, potentially foreshadowing the unsightly structure's demolition. The preliminary timeline indicates that conceptual designs will should be released at some point between July and December of 2015.
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