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Children's Day School at 333 Dolores Wants More Classrooms

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Back in 2012 the Children's Day School got approval to convert the church-turned-mega-mansion at 601 Dolores into new classroom space because they were filling up at their existing location at 333 Dolores. The existing school had gotten so full in fact, that they added three temporary classroom structures back in 2003. They got a 10 year approval for the temporary classrooms that is set to expire in March 2014, so now the school is asking the Planning Commission for a 10 year extension on them. The conversion of 601 Dolores was held up by appeals, but permits for phase I of the project are anticipated to be issued in the next few months. All great news, but it means that new classrooms at 601 won't be ready before approvals for the temporary structures at 333 expire. Planning Department staff seem cool with extending the approvals – apparently the school will be required to updated them on the status of the move and have put together a 10 year plan for the removal of the temporary structures.
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Children's Day School

601 Dolores st, San Francisco, CA