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Board of Supervisors to Go on Naming Spree in Chinatown

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The Supes will vote today on changing the names of three streets in Chinatown to honor citizens who have made contributions to the community. First, Old Chinatown Lane will be reneamed "Donaldina Cameron Alley," in recognition of the former superintendent of the Presbyterian Home whose mission was to save Chinese immigrant women from indentured servitude. The Donaltina Cameron House helped female victims of discrimination and violence and also founded homes for orphaned children. The second is renaming Merchant Street to "Harold 'Bud' Moose Lane," after the developer behind the 27-story Hilton Hotel (formerly Holiday Inn Chinatown) and Chinese Culture Center. Last but not least, Bartol Street will be renamed as "Enid Ng Lim Alley" in honor of the Chinatown community member who helped bring transit to under-served areas and rallied for the Central Subway project, as well as many other community projects in Chinatown. Once the new names are approved, the MTA will add new street signs so that both the old and new names are posted.
· Board of Supervisors agenda – December 9, 2013 [SF BOS]