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The Smallest Apartment for Rent in SF is 300 Square Feet

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Bad news, San Franciscans. Micro-dwellings have moved beyond the $1500/month price range, and into some other stratospheric realm that would make even the most hardened New Yorker flinch. The evidence? This 300 square foot in-law unit, with a sleeping cubby that looks to be no taller than 4 feet, that is asking $1800/month. The listing offers the following consolation: "Back yard has a lemon tree that routinely blows up and two enormous avacado trees that produce so much fruit we can't keep up with it. There is also an orange tree that is just starting to produce fruit. Tenant is welcome to all the fruit. Building is owned by two cool guys in thier Mid 30's / Early 40's." There's also laundry in the building, new appliances and counter tops in the kitchen, and nice bamboo flooring. Oh, and utilities are not included.
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