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21 New Units Coming to Sutter Street in the Tendernob

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The empty lot at 832 Sutter Street between Leavenworth and Jones is one of the few remaining undeveloped parcels of land in one of the nation's densest residential neighborhoods. Currently an unsightly surface parking lot enclosed with a rusted chain-link fence, it's safe to say that the property isn't being exploited to its highest or best use. Unsurprisingly, the lot won't be around for long, since plans for a new six-story residential building designed by Ian Birchall & Associates are slowly moving forward. The Architect's website claims that the project, set to be clad in "Resysta and Vivix rain-screen systems," will break ground before the end of the year. There's no word yet on whether the units will be condos or rentals, but with a prime location not far from Mid-Market's booming tech corridor, the development will no doubt be marketed to the many newly minted Silicon Valley millionaires pouring into San Francisco.
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The lot as it currently appears