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Presidio Heights Trophy Property Returns to the Market

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Once owned by tech entrepreneur Halsey Minor (of CNET fame) and asking as much as $25M, 3800 Washington has been rephotographed and is now back on the market. Curbed already told you, but now it's official: the 14-bed, 11-bath, 20,000 mega property is asking $19.989M. The main house (which you see above) is a "modified copy" of the Petit Trianon, and clocks in at 18,000 square feet and has eight bedrooms and seven bathrooms. The property also comes with an adjoining 2,000 square foot guesthouse and a vacant lot (125 Maple St.) that's currently being used as the property's big backyard. Property highlights include nine fireplaces, a ballroom, and being able to say you own San Francisco Landmark 95.
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3800 Washington

3800 Washington Street, San Francisco, CA