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Oakland Army Base Redevelopment Readies to Start Construction

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A massive redevelopment is about to kickoff by the city of Oakland that will turn the former Oakland Army Base into "a modern, global logistics center" for the Port of Oakland. The $500 million first phase of the project will spend approximately 3 years upgrading infrastructure with utilities, new roads and rails, and preparing for building construction. Once that work is complete the city will begin constructing around 1 million sq. ft. of new buildings to be used mainly by the Port of Oakland.

The first phase will develop approximately 140 acres of city owned property, creating 1,500 construction jobs and up to 1,800 permanent jobs. Future phases of the $1.2 billion, 360-acre development project will include "additional logistics and cold-storage facilities, a new intermodal railyard, and a new 7th Street grade separation." A new bulk marine terminal will also be included, along with one million sq. ft. of warehousing and a recycling center.
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