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Renovated Pacific Heights Manse Leaves the Eight Figures Club

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When this big abode first came onto the market at $11.5M, it became a member of Curbed's very glamorous Most Expensive Club. The 5-bed, 5.5-bath, 6,500 square foot home recently completed a top-to-bottom renovation, which is pretty intense when you consider 6,500 square feet spread out over four floors. Property highlights include a top floor that's primarily a master suite with two rooftop decks, and the regular bells and whistles we've all come to expect from properties of this caliber: wine cellar/tasting room, and a custom home theater. That said, after nearly two months on the market, the home failed to find a buyer so it's lowered its price to a more obtainable and millionaire-friendly $9.95M.
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