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Checking in on the "Deco Mess" at 18th and Mission

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From the Curbed inbox:
A long neglected Streamline Moderne storefront on Mission at 18th recently underwent a rather significant but now stalled renovation, which looked to be close to an external restoration. Now it just sits. Any ideas what it is/was going to be? This building at 2205 Mission sure catches reader attention. Last September Curbed looked into it based on another reader tip. The building was sold in 2010 and supposed to be rehabbed to house a new grocery store...but permits got revoked when the Planning Department caught them red-handed for removing historic porcelain enamel siding. Back in September we talked about delays while they get all the fines and red taped ironed out, and it looks like nothing has moved. No new permits have been issued and there's no word on a tenant moving in any time soon.
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