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SPUR Exposé Chronicles Typos Engraved in S.F. Streets

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Most San Franciscans who've ever looked down at the sidewalk while waiting at an intersection have probably noticed that the city's concrete curbs bear the name of the streets on which they're located. It seems like embedding a few letters in to some concrete would be a simple task for any experienced construction crew, but SPUR's newest addition of The Urbanist has many wondering if that's true. It turns out that many street corners are riddled with typos proclaiming the name of streets that don't exist, like 2th Avenue, Gary Boulevard, and Milddfiled Dr. Thomas Rogers, the man behind the exposé, has a veritable plethora of photos of botched engravings from corners all around town. More pictures will surely be added to his collection as the city commences construction on its massive wave of new streetscape projects, which are sure to add improvements and, of course, new typos to SF's streets.
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