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What Words to Avoid When Trolling Rental Listings

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Does that cozy charming penthouse apartment you saw listed on Craigslist sound too good to be true? It most likely is. There are a bunch of real estate euphemisms that landlords and property managers use to make an apartment sound more appealing than it actually is. Here now is a guide for what to words to take with a grain of salt for when looking at apartment listings. Know of any others that we missed? Hit up the Curbed inbox or leave a comment after the jump.

  • Cozy, cottage, intimate, quaint, cute: All of these words translate to small.

  • Remodeled, modern: These words are all relative. In homes that are 100 years old, a kitchen renovated in the 1970s is modern by comparison.

  • Tranquil: Prepare for your friends to never visit you, because this apartment is far away from amenities and public transportation.

  • Charming, original: Everything in this apartment is old. While that may be a bonus for some people, it can be a real turnoff for others.

  • Penthouse: Listings like to throw this word around when really what they mean is top floor.

  • Steps from/walking distance to: This also may be a big bonus for certain renters, but it could also mean that the apartment is really loud from street noise and traffic.

  • Beware photos that look too good to be true: Apparently new "virtual staging" companies will superficially impose furniture into a photo of the space to make it look more filled-in. While this can help you visualize the space, a lot of times those pieces of furniture might not fit into the room in real life.

  • Custom, unique: Beware of the bizarre.

  • Junior 1br: This is basically a studio-sized apartment with a room walled off for a bed.