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Do People Really Look for $30,000/Month Rentals on Craigslist?

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Where would you find temporary housing if you were a moneyed CEO or just a regular really rich person who recently transferred to San Francisco? Right now on Craigslist a 5-bedroom Pacific Heights mansion is listed for a cool $30,000/month. Rebuilt in "Italianate townhouse style," the property has 6 bathrooms, a 2-car garage, and all the luxury finishes you'd expect from a $30k a month rental. Impress your guests with the concealed trap-door in the floor connected to the original basement stairs "to enable the gardener to access the garden without going through the public rooms." If having your gardener traipse through your living room is something you actually worry about, do you find a rental on Craigslist?
·$30000 / 5br - Prime Pac Hts Home~4/5 brm~6 ba. GG Vus, furn/unfurn 2 car gar~Garden (pacific heights) [Craigslist]